About us

Hubscope is a NZ-based company that specializes in Visualization

Steve Dickinson


• Enterprise Architect

• Integration Specialist

• Viz Evangelist

Steve has been working at the IT table for over 30 years. He started out in the UK working for a variety of small software houses each in different industry sectors before taking the leap into IBM where he worked for 8 years. During his time at IBM Steve became a Certified Technical Architect and achieved an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from Louis Gerstner. He then decided to quit while ahead and moved with his family to New Zealand. Steve currently enjoys trim flat whites more than government bureaucracy.

Email Steve: steve.dickinson@hursleyhub.com

Tom Hussey


• Business Analyst

• Coach

• Data Analyst

Tom has 20 years experience in the corporate world, working in a variety of roles as a Business Consultant, Business Analyst and Research Analyst. He enjoys asking difficult questions and bridging the gaps between different departments, working styles and cultures through visualization. He works in the space between executive stakeholder groups, operational business and technology teams, where all groups need to understand how technology relates to current and anticipated processes, as well as to strategic goals.

Email Tom: tom.hussey@hursleyhub.com

Tom Sawyer Software

Hubscope is built using the Tom Sawyer Perspectives Visualization Platform

Tom Sawyer Software Partner

logo.tomsawyerHursley is a Tom Sawyer Software Technology Partner. Tom Sawyer Software provides products used to build graph and data visualization applications. Organizations use these applications to understand relationships, trends, and patterns in complex data sets. Tom Sawyer Software products are used by organizations in telecommunications, financial services, energy, engineering design, defense and intelligence, healthcare and life sciences, networking, enterprise software, and manufacturing.