Encouraging Diversity of Contribution

by | Apr 9, 2016

Diversity in a project team, just like in society, can be a wonderful thing. Different people bring new ideas, fresh perspectives and wider opportunities to network and share different experiences.

Differences need to be celebrated not marginalised but sometimes the dynamics of project team meetings, the challenges of dealing with unfamiliar technologies and the conflicting personalities involved conspire to drown out some of the quieter voices. Often the quietest voice can be the most contemplative and add a lot of value to the conversation.

In IT projects there is an awful lot of terminology. In order to make the most of these different points of view, Hubscope allows people to work in a space which they are familiar and comfortable. Yet if so inclined, contribute to other people’s points of view. A business analyst may have some views on the solution design, a project manager may require more of a breakdown around certain requirements and a tester may like to see which requirements are met once a software component is tested.

Hubscope encourages a cross-section of disciplines to get involved, get hands on and to jointly create a shared objective. About ten years ago I read an article in the Harvard Business Review about bounded awareness. The article used the medical profession as an example but I could really relate it to the environment that Business and ICT professionals work it.

In the Harvard Business Review article, decisions without blinders, it talks about “bounded awareness—when cognitive blinders prevent a person from seeing, seeking, using, or sharing highly relevant, easily accessible, and readily perceivable information during the decision-making process.”

Back then I was developing a visualisation platform called Centruflow, this was bought out by Hursley a few years ago but the problem Hursley Hubscope is solving remains the same. How do you get intelligent and rational individuals to share ideas without things like egos, nervousness and plain old busyness getting in the way? With pictures that’s how.

Not just pictures, pictures that draw themselves and which can be seen from different perspectives and not just the ones you’re familiar and comfortable with. Hubscope helps everyone to take the blinkers off and see their project from every perspective.

Happy Hubscoping!

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