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by | Mar 22, 2017

Maps help you get clear on direction

It’s not wise to start out on a long journey without a map. A good map helps you to understand where you are now, how far off your destination is and the best route to get there. Things are a little different now with GPS and smartphones but the concept is basically still the same. Maps show you which direction you need to head off in.

Maps also provide a way to get everybody on the same page. Through consultation and collaboration, a joint decision can be made on the best route to take. Looking around at local landmarks and then back at the map, people can jointly agree on the current location.

Many I.T. projects start out without a good map. There’s a lack of clarity on the starting point and even less clarity on the destination. ‘Jump and then build wings on the way down’ seems to be a particularly favored approach these days.

Hubscope is a mapping tool for IT projects

Hubscope aims to introduce the benefits of DIY mapping to IT projects. We provide a way for you to quickly visualize a project and all of the connected parts with a graph of stakeholders, requirements, services and technology. A graph is like a map in that it helps you to understand the big picture and see how it all connects.

This video gives you a quick introduction to graphs.

Using Hubscope on your project.

This is just a quick introduction to the concept of graphs but we hope that you can already see how useful it could be on your project. Essentially it gives you a great way of bring your whiteboard ideas alive and using them to inform the direction that the project takes.

Graphs help you see where you’re going and where you’ve been. Visualising current state allows you to envision future snapshot states and through collaboration and iteration you can nudge everyone towards a common vision.

A graph is worth (more than) a thousand words. Pictures aren’t interactive but graphs are when you use Hubscope. Click the button below to try out a free one month trial of Hubscope.

Project Visual Mapping Gets Everybody on the Same Page
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