Get Your Project Off to a Flying Start

When do you need Hubscope?

Hubscope is particularly useful at the pre-project or project initiation phase where there is a high need for collaboration and the project scope, requirements and deliverables are very fluid. You need a way to get your project team working closely together to iterate on what the project is going to look like.

  • Is your project just starting?
  • Is your project high risk?
  • Is your project high profile?
  • Is your project a reasonably high investment?

If the answer is yes, to two or more of these questions, then Hubscope can definitely help fast track the initial phase of your project. Hubscope is easy to use and every member of the team will be able to contribute and get a better understanding of the project from the get-go.

How can Hubscope Help?

Hubscope is a visualisation tool for teams working on ICT projects. It provides multiple perspectives to assist the team in understanding interdependencies between business and technology:

  • Who: Business Units and Stakeholders
  • Why: Stakeholders and Requirements
  • How: Requirements and Services
  • What: Services and Technology (Software, Data and Servers)
  • All: An integrated view showing all of the above

It is perfect for business analysts, solution architects and project managers. It is an ‘off-the-shelf’ application that is easy to use and can be useful in a wide variety of different kinds of projects and industries. Every user can create their own Hubscope visualisations and the data is saved in Excel so it is easy to share share and collaborate with other users.

Hubscope is easy to use, powerful and flexible:

  • Easy to draw new entities and relationships
  • No domain specific terminology
  • Intelligent auto-layouts powered by a visualisation engine from Tom Sawyer Software
  • Different perspectives for different kinds of users
  • Search, filter, sort, cluster data

For more details, see our: Hubscope White Paper

We’re sure you will find this way of visualising projects incredibly helpful for both yourself and your team so click below and download the free trial now.

You don’t have to spend lots of time reading. Looking at a map helps everybody. (A map) is one of the greatest visualisation tools ever created.

Andy Brashear


This is really cool because basically you get this very powerful sliding scale where you can go from a very high macro level and then you can very fluidly also scale down to the micro level view and cut through all the data very easily and it’s also automatically organized for you visually as well so you don’t have to go in and reconnect the dots …

Agile Coach

Technology Platform

We’re committed to offering you the maximum possible value from Hubscope and that’s why we’re evolving and improving it with a new build implemented using the very latest Tom Sawyer Perspectives platform containing many enhancements. All of these improvements have been incorporated into the first general release of Hubscope which is available now. You can give it a try with a free one month trial by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. We’re working on some upcoming cool new features too such as path finder, merge and split functions.


We are also going to build an online Hubscope viewer which will be a great way for customers of the full version to share their Hubscope data with their extended team. Please send other ideas or feature requests that you may have to

Tom Sawyer Software Partner

logo.tomsawyerHursley is a Tom Sawyer Software Technology Partner. Tom Sawyer Software provides products used to build graph and data visualization applications. Organizations use these applications to understand relationships, trends, and patterns in complex data sets. Tom Sawyer Software products are used by organizations in telecommunications, financial services, energy, engineering design, defense and intelligence, healthcare and life sciences, networking, enterprise software, and manufacturing.

Neo4j Solution Partner

neo4j-logo-2015Hursley is a Neo4j Solution Partner. Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages data relationships as first-class entities, helping enterprises build intelligent applications to meet today’s evolving data challenges. Neo4j is used by thousands of organizations, including 50+ of the Global 2000, in mission-critical production applications.

Hubscope CUSTOM Edition

Hubscope Custom Edition (CE) is a visualisation tool that has been specifically created for an individual client and can be extensively customised and configured to adapt to a client’s particular objectives and requirements. It is developed as part of an iterative services engagement whereby Hursley works closely with client stakeholders to develop a sophisticated visualisation tool that may have multiple  and different kinds of data sources, including dynamic near real-time data and may include complex visualisations such as status alerts and representation of activity flows. If you have any questions about Hubscope Custom Edition then contact Steve Dickinson: on (+64) 27 451 5883 or

Who We Are

Hursley is a Wellington based consultancy that specialises in solving problems using graph based visualisation, layout and analysis built on a platform developed by the American company, Tom Sawyer Software. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the easiest to use and most powerful cross team visualisation tool for ICT delivery projects.

We adopt an iterative methodology which uses two-week sprints to make sure that feedback can be quickly included into product development and that everybody feels part of the journey. Projects start with a discovery phase where we help stakeholders from different parts of the client organisation agree objectives and clearly define requirements.

To learn more and discuss possible scope and objectives for a project, email

Steve Dickinson


Enterprise Architect, Integration Specialist, Visualisation Evangelist.

Steve has been working at the IT table for over 30 years. He started out in the UK working for a variety of small software houses each in different industry sectors before taking the leap into IBM where he worked for 8 years. During his time at IBM Steve became a Certified Technical Architect and achieved an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award from Louis Gerstner. He then decided to quit while ahead and moved with his family to New Zealand.

Email Steve:


Tom Hussey


Business Analyst, Strategist, People Integrator Tom has over 12 years experience as a Business Consultant/Business Analyst/Research Analyst. He is a confident, pro-active facilitator. He enjoys bridging the gaps between different departments, working styles and cultures through visualisation. He works in the space between executive stakeholder groups, operational business and technology teams, where all groups need to understand how technology relates to current and anticipated processes, as well as to strategic goals.

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