Hubscope Software enables ICT projects to run smoother and cost less.

Hubscope is a visualisation application used by IT project teams for showing how stakeholders, requirements, services & technology connect.

One Project, One Objective, Different Perspectives.

What’s the problem?

Many complex IT projects go over budget, over time or fail to deliver many of their anticipated benefits. Hubscope is a visualisation application that improves the success rate of IT projects by improving communication between the technology team and business stakeholders.

Different perspectives, layout options and features such as filtering provide a focus on what’s important for each individual stakeholder. Seeing things from someone else’s perspective promotes a shared understanding which gets everyone on the same page, whether they are on the technology or business side of the project.

View a layout from anyone’s perspective

Easily show direct relationships and redraw from their perspective.

The magic of layouts

Hubscope is extremely easy to use but don’t misunderstand that it’s unsophisticated or trivial. It’s:

  • more powerful than PowerPoint,
  • more dynamic than Visio
  • easier to share than a whiteboard

It can do incredibly complex layout adjustments at speeds you’ve never imagined. The auto layouts feature highlights this magic very well.

Auto Layouts

Quickly view relationships from different layouts in just one click.

What does it mean for my project?

Your project will run smoother as everyone communicates better.

All of your team can easily offer input from their perspective so it increases engagement and makes everyone feel more involved. By harnessing different viewpoints, improvements happen step-by-step which leads to a better solution.

In short, you’ll end up with better project outcomes and more valued team members.

Being able to quickly filter out some of the noise allows individuals to concentrate on what’s important for them, without losing input from other team members.

One Click Filtering and Clustering

Perfect for both high-level and low-level views, you can expand or collapse clusters