Visualize from Your Spreadsheets

Whiteboards are great for brainstorming but often the picture then takes on an illusion of truth for everyone in the room. Repeated often enough and it can lead to a false consensus. Consensus is then strengthened by confirmation bias as we only see data that conforms to this version of the truth.

Far better to elicit the truth from data. Hubscope automatically draws pictures from the information and relationships stored in your Excel spreadsheets. We call this Data Driven Visualization. Visualization then becomes an iterative process of capturing useful and correct information.

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Focus on relationships

Spreadsheets are great for considering lists of things. Asset inventories, people who work in a department, the projects being managed by a PMO, etc. What they are not good at is showing relationships between things. Relationships and connections are an important part of how we think and understand the world.

Graphs with nodes and connections between nodes are the best way to visually represent relationships.

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Think End-to-End

Computer networks can be complex, messy things. Difficult to get your arms around. Difficult for project managers to get simple answers to simple questions, such as, “How are Server A and Server D connected?”

Hubscope makes it easy for you to identify the shortest paths between two points. You can then filter out all of the other nodes and relationships and focus on the end-to-end connection.

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We follow a three step engagement process:

  1. Discovery and POC: Often teams are already capturing project data in Excel. We use your templates as the single source of truth and build a conversion tool that translates a sample set of your data into a standard template which we then visualize. You will be surprised by how quickly we can visualize your existing data.
  2. Pilot: We use real data and engage users to analyze the data using Hubscope tools such as dependency or path analysis. You will be amazed by how much business value is created by visualizing data that already exists.
  3. Deployment: We provide support and training and help you incorporate Hubscope into your project methodologies. You will be happy with how well Hubscope leverages your existing tool set.

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Visualize your current state. Automatically create diagrams from Excel data.

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