Avoid project failure using Hubscope.

Visualize your project and get everyone on the same page.

What’s the problem?

Many IT projects go over budget, over time or fail to deliver anticipated benefits. Business and technical stakeholders have known this for a long time but they don’t know what to do about it.

Better communication would improve project outcomes but confused project teams don’t know how to cut through the complexity that exists even on small projects. This confusion creates Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) and keeps project managers awake at night.

Visualization forces you to simplify and focus on the essential:

  • No hiding behind long Word documents that nobody wants to read
  • No hiding behind specialist jargon that divides rather than unites
  • No avoiding answering the important questions

Visualization provides a vehicle for better collaboration so that you can get everybody on the same page, this increases engagement and encourages more ownership of project outcomes. Less FUD means greater clarity and less risk as the whole team builds a better solution. You also get to sleep soundly at night.

Hubscope is a visualization application used by project teams to improve clarity, communication and collaboration.

Use real words

If you want to break through organisational and cultural silos then you need to avoid domain specific language. Use common terms that everybody can understand.

In Hubscope we have a very simple data model that both business people and technical people can understand and collaborate with. We start at the whiteboard and create diagrams that people can instantly understand and work with.

Focus on relationships

Spreadsheets are great for considering lists of things. Asset inventories, people who work in a department, the projects being managed by a PMO, etc. What they are not good at is showing relationships between things. Relationships and connections are an important part of how we think and understand the world.

Graphs with nodes and connections between nodes are the best way to visually represent relationships.

Think End-to-End

Computer networks can be complex, messy things. Difficult to get your arms around. Difficult for project managers to get simple answers to simple questions, such as, “How are Server A and Server D connected?”

Hubscope makes it easy for you to identify the shortest paths between two points. You can then filter out all of the other nodes and relationships and focus on the end-to-end connection.